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It’s Never Over When It’s Over

The new novel by Gene Schwarz

Captain Adams burns, USMC, retired, thought the war was over. Two tours of combat duty in Korea, had faded into distant memories, neatly separated from any feelings-destined to be forgotten. They would not lie dormant for very long. The trauma of war hung over him as he sought to find a new life, free of violence and killing.

Adam was destined to fight on another battlefield, as the dreams of combat penetrated his sleep, loud noises interrupted his days and alcohol helped him through four years of medical school.

He had lost hope of ever being able to dodge the dark cloud that hovered over him, casting a shadow of impending doom over any small moment of joy, until he met the woman who would become the love of his life.

This is a story of the impact and lasting effects of massive psychic trauma–a story of love and being loved–a story of redemption–a story to be told and not forgotten–for it’s never over when it’s over.